The House of Bishops met via Zoom this afternoon, as it has done regularly throughout the current pandemic.

The Bishop of Manchester updated the House on the overall work of the Church in responding to the crisis. The Bishop of London, the Rt Rev and Rt Hon Dame Sarah Mullally, Chair of the Church’s COVID-19 Recovery Group updated the House regarding how churches are experiencing the gradual lifting of restrictions to enable the re-opening of churches for physical services.  

The Bishops also discussed the interim findings of the working group which is reviewing the current Clergy Discipline Measure.  This was followed by an update from the Archbishop of Canterbury regarding the postponed Lambeth 2020 conference and future planning. 

The Bishop at Lambeth, the Rt Rev Tim Thornton commenting on the Clergy Discipline Measure  said: 'We are now actively seeking to improve processes, minimise delays and  identify other improvements needed to make the system more effective. I am personally committed to replacing the CDM with a new system and hope to bring proposals forward as soon as practicable.’

The House concluded with a forward look to the informal meeting of Synod on 11 July.

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