Churches have been sharing their most used tools and resources used every week in their live streamed services. Most are free or low cost, and all easy to get started. What tools would you add to the list?

Create engaging graphics for the beginning, middle and end of your live stream

1. Canva

2. Spark Adobe


Royalty free images for moments of focus

3. The Resource Hub

4. Pixabay

5. Unsplash

6. Pexels

7. Lightstock


Royalty free music for worship or to use as backing tracks

8. The Resource Hub

9. Amen

10. YouTube creator studio


Royalty free videos

11. Canva

12. Pexels


Create pre-recorded video segments

13. The Resource Hub Video Generator

14. iMovie

15. Windows Video Editor

16. Open Shot

17. DaVinci Resolve

18. Lumen 5


Re-purpose your online service content during the week

19. Soundcloud: Create a podcast from your sermons by uploading your audio to Apple podcasts or Spotify using SoundCloud

20. YouTube creator Studio: Trim segments from your service into short videos and repost during the week for your community to be inspired, encouraged or reminded.


Pray and reflect together

21. Time to pray

22. Daily prayer App

23. YouVersion


Create automatic live captions for Zoom Meetings

24. Rev


Use a teleprompter for your script

25. Google play

26. Apple store


Stream your service to multiple platforms at the same time

27. OBS

28. StreamYard

29. Stage Ten 


Family activities

30. Faith at home

31. Kids bible app


What other considerations do you need to have when broadcasting a service from your church building or home? Read more here.


Liz Morgan
Church Digital Champion

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