Hazel shares how her faith plays an essential role as she offers care to the community.

I offer care to the community. Everyone is within walking distance from where I live. It’s because of my faith that I started my job. I felt God telling me what the next job would be. He’s always been very specific! When it’s time to move onto the next person, he gives me the next name. I feel he’s telling me what to do.

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That’s how I approach work. I lean on God the whole time. The nature of my work is so intensive at times. I’ve sat with families as people pass away, when a granddaughter has passed her GCSEs, when a child is getting married. I feel incredibly privileged to be doing this. It’s a privilege to work in the community.

I talk to people about faith all the time, and to their families, because I sense that God has sent me there. They are under no illusions about who I am, or whose I am. I talk about how God orders my steps, how he makes the load a whole lot lighter.

Evangelism is a big deal for me. Get to know Jesus! Get to know the man Jesus. What he did on the cross is for all of us. At least get to know something about him before writing him off. It’s good to find out. People won’t know unless we tell them.

I remember going to a funeral. The widow’s friends said, “How do you cope with what you do?” Faith. I couldn’t do it without faith, without the strength God gives me. It’s because of Jesus, what he did on the cross. It means everything to me.

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