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We’re excited to share our latest digital offering, the Not-Particularly-Imaginatively-Named Evangelism and Discipleship Podcast!

We are putting three episodes out over the next three weeks as a pilot, to get feedback (of the gentle and constructive sort, not Anglican Twitter-style, if at all possible!) What we’ve learned from the production process and the responses we get, we’ll see if there’s an appetite for more.

This has been a labour of love in our spare time over the past six to nine months, and has been saved from being homespun by the great skills of Tom Pearson, who many of you will know from the webinars. I hope it gives you the flavour of the types of conversations we want to initiate around the areas of our work as a team. 

We’ve learned a lot and hope you’ll help us take this project forward so we can stimulate more conversations in the future!

Dave and Heather, on behalf of the E&D team


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