People are exploring faith during lockdown through Facebook comments and the Church of England’s national services streamed online.
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Amanda Sargent, from Greater Manchester, has spoken of how the Covid-19 lockdown unexpectedly helped bring her closer to God.  

The 53-year-old was searching on the Church of England’s website, after a friend shared the national streamed services on social media, when she found a community of users on the Church of England’s Facebook ready to support her. 

Amanda has now been listening to the online sermons, and reading the Prayer for the Day, daily. It was on Facebook that she shared her experiences with coming to faith.

The former Pilates instructor explained: “I had posted this Facebook comment thinking no one listening to me.

“Then I got all these messages I was really amazed by the warmth of everyone’s comments.

“I felt like God was in that community and the feeling that people cared and wanted me to find God.”

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The comments led to people explaining aspects of Christianity to her, and she has found support from Christians across the country. A parishioner from Brighton has been in near-daily contact with Amanda since she posted her experience with faith on Facebook.

Previously, Amanda was not a churchgoer but has since reached out to her local vicar who has spoken about faith, mental health, and recommended books to read.

If the Covid-19 lockdown has taught society anything, Amanda hopes it will be that “lots of people were chasing the wrong things” and the belief money or fleeting fame “was more important” than anything else was wrong.

Revd Richard Springer leading an online service.


The Church of England is currently streaming weekly services online from different parishes and communities across the country.

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