Generous Church

Living Generously

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly

John 10:10
Generosity is at the heart of our faith, we believe in a generous God and our own generosity is a testament and hallmark of our faith in action. The ministry and mission of The Church of England is largely funded through the incredible generosity of those who give to it.

Enabling Giving

If you want to learn how to increase giving to your church, then please look at the ‘enabling giving’ sections. There are four areas we need to focus on, and they helpfully form the acronym MINT. If you have these things in place, you have created the best environment for people to give.

A person making a contactless payment Photography by Nathana Rebouças


Have the right mechanisms for giving, such as direct debit, contactless, online, legacies, gift aid and so on.  

Christmas lunch


Show the impact of people’s giving, how it enables the church’s ministry and mission. 

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Explaining Need

Explain the need for people to give, so they see how important it is that they give. 

Three women laying hand on another person to pray for them Photography by Rosie Sun

Building Trust

Build trust, so that people have confidence that the church will spend their gifts wisely and well. 

Encouraging Generosity

Growing a generous culture is essential to having a sustainable ministry, so please also explore the ‘encouraging generosity’ section. There are also four things you need to get right to encourage generosity within your church and they helpfully form the acronym IDEA

Generosity at Christmas


Inspire people through generous leadership and celebrating generosity within the life of the church. 

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Disciple members, through resources, teaching and learning, so people can grow in an understanding of God’s generosity towards them, and how they can live generous lives. 

bishop graham tree planting school children


Embed generosity in the life of the church, in its plans, services and ministry and weave it into everything the church does.

A Church Faire


Activate generosity, by providing opportunities for people to grow in generosity and apply what they have discovered.  

Thank you for everything you give to the church’s ministry. 

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