This page has been developed to help clergy and lay leaders prepare for All Saints' Day, All Souls’ Day and Remembrance in 2020. The section is split into: downloadable and printable resources, liturgies and prayers, and digital plans.
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Downloadable and printable resources

Download the materials to print yourself or order direct from the Church Print Hub.


    Use these A4 posters to tell people in your community what is happening in your parish, and to encourage individual private prayer. They include QR codes that link to relevant prayers on the Church of England website, along with space to write in your information. 

    Invitation cards

    Use these to tell people what is happening in your parish and invite them to join in. The cards have space to write in your personal greeting and details of what you’ll be offering in your parish.

    All Souls’ Prayer Card

    Help those in your community to take time at home to remember those they have loved but no longer see, regardless of whether or not they can be at a physical All Souls’ church service this year. Each card has a forget-me-not design and a simple prayer, along with space for any church information you’d like to add.

    Remembrance prayer card

    Help those in your community to join in with remembering the fallen, regardless of whether or not they can be at a physical Remembrance Sunday or Armistice Day service this year. It has a poppy design and a simple prayer, along with space for any church information you’d like to add.

    In addition, there are liturgies and prayers online including something more creative.

    Remembering and Memorials

    This guide provides information and advice for planning a memorial, thanksgiving, or remembering service in your church, together with sample materials and some suggestions for prayer and music. It also includes special resources for remembering in prayer and worship those who have died:

    Liturgies and prayers

    An All Souls Eucharist from Common Worship: Times and Seasons

    Lament, Thanksgiving, Restoration

    This guide offers you prayers and forms of service to lament pain, death, and anxiety; to give thanks for the courage and generous spirit of care that is transforming our communities; and to pray to the God who sustains us and offers the hope of renewal and restoration:

    This simple script for a prayer using poppies can involve everyone in prayers at a Remembrance service. Ensure as far as possible that everyone is given or takes a poppy as they arrive for the service.

    Read our Poppy Prayer

    Digital plans

    Local services and events

    Visit to explore the range of local online and in-person services and events that churches are planning in early November as we remember loved ones who have died and give thanks for those who have served their country in conflict and peace.

    Remember to add your church's services and events to A Church Near You to help others in your community remember with you. Use the 'Remembrance' tag, and if you're service will be online, use the 'Live stream' and 'Recorded service'.

    Online services and events

    All Saints’ and All Souls’ online service on 1 November 2020

    A special online service of thanksgiving, hope, and remembrance will be broadcast from St Paul’s Cathedral where, through the centuries, people have gathered in times of sadness and of joy to give thanks, to remember, to reflect and to pray. Through word, prayer, song and symbol, the service will remind us that God’s love for us can never be destroyed. God is with us in our pain and fear and will lead us to a yet more glorious day.

    Remembrance Sunday online service on 8 November 2020

    This online service will be led by military chaplains and pays tribute to all those who have served and continue to serve in the Armed Forces. it will also give thanks for the families and others who provide care and support.  

    More details on both of the above services will be promoted nearer the time on the Church of England’s website and social media accounts.

    Social media

    Links to the online services described above will be shared from the Church’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. In addition, other resources and content will be shared in November.

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