It is more than 900 years since a travelling community of monks settled on the site that is now Durham Cathedral.

Now, amid the momentous events of 2020, the Cathedral has founded an online Community of Prayer to serve its growing digital congregation around the world.
Durham Cathedral choir looking to the reredos window

A core group of 200 people have been engaging proactively with digital services put out by the cathedral, a World Heritage Site. A further 1,300 people are then returning later in the day to an online service.

The Community of Prayer has been launched online to engage with the new internet worshipers.

Free to join, the Community takes place on Facebook with monthly Zoom meetings. Quiet days held twice monthly, are also on offer.

Stained glass windows from Durham Cathedral shine a beautiful polychromatic effect on a wall

Canon Chancellor, Canon Charlie Allen, said: “I am overjoyed to be launching our new online Community of Prayer.

“Lockdown showed us just how many people across the globe have a real connection to Durham Cathedral and we want to build on this sense of community in a positive and meaningful way by forming this shared space of prayer.

“I am hopeful that our new online community will become a useful resource for those who would like to deepen their sense of belonging to Durham Cathedral and explore their faith, while also combatting some of the loneliness felt by many at this time.”

Congregational worship has returned to Durham Cathedral, which was built in 1093, but the online Community will  serve those who are unable to visit in person.

The nave of Durham Cathedral is shown complete with stained glass windows

The new Community comes as the North East entered tighter restrictions amid Covid-19 infections. The Church of England publishes guidance regularly on its website about complying with physical distancing.

Reflective resources will be made available for members to deepen their prayer and discipleship journey. Durham Cathedral is hoping the new Community will embrace a simple and flexible life rhythm that will involve a commitment to prayer and the values of Christianity.

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