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Hi, I’m Matt, and I’m a first year curate in the Diocese of Portsmouth. I guess I could be described as an evangelical, however it’s not a label that I wear particularly comfortably, because I find a depth of expression in the breadth of tradition and churchmanship, there is always a beauty in sharing in that together.

About ten or so years ago, I first started to explore a call to Ordained Ministry. This started me off on a journey of discernment and formation that has been both bumpy and unexpected, full of challenge and difficulty, in ministry and in life more generally. The more people that I speak with, the more I realise how this is so often the case, although details may differ the challenges and difficulties remain similar.

At so many important points along the journey I could easily have changed course, thrown in the towel and decided that in fact I didn’t need all of this hassle and heartache, that I was ok as I was before and could well be again. I came very close to doing just that, and I might well had done but for a few wise and godly people that spoke to me in truth, grace and love and helped me to see beyond my own anxieties and perceptions. With their help and support, times of difficulty were able to become times of growth and formation, increasing my awareness of God’s provision and purpose.

This is the foundation through which I come to ministry, and from which I offer myself as a mentor to others, offering support along the highs, lows and complexities of the journey and, with God’s help and guidance, to be that voice of truth, love and grace that we all so desperately need along the way.

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