The Church of England’s CDM Working Group has today published a progress report acknowledging the hurt experienced by many under the CDM process, and recommending that the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 is replaced with a new piece of legislation.

The detailed document from the Working Group acknowledges the recent findings of the Sheldon Report which details the hurt that many people, specifically respondent clergy, have spoken about experiencing as a result of the functioning of the Measure.

The Working Group also heard from many individuals and groups who have faced issues with the Measure when trying to initiate Complaints against clergy particularly relating to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

The report outlines a number of interim measures to address these issues which will be in place while the new legislation is developed.

The proposed new legislation will include three main proposals for change which are outlined in the document and are now being put out for consultation.

The report provides a formal update of the Group’s work and is a resource for use at the upcoming national consultations.

The Bishop at Lambeth, Tim Thornton, Chair of the Working Group said: “This is a really important piece of work which we began last year with the need for reform further highlighted in last month’s IICSA report. The Group was unanimous in its aim that the Measure must be replaced. On behalf of the Group I would like to thank all those who have been brave enough to share their experiences with us, I know this has not been easy but it has been a vital part of informing our recommendations as we move forward.”

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