Social media calendar 2021
At the beginning of a new year, you are likely to be thinking about ways to bring a fresh approach to your church's social media channels. But, where do you start? We know it can be daunting thinking about what to post next week, let alone the next few months, but, with a little planning now, the next few weeks and months will be much easier.

We've taken dates from the Christian calendar, alongside national awareness days, and just-for-fun ideas. Add it to your own calendar alongside local services and campaigns, or use it as a starting block for ideas each month.

Organise your social media in 2021 with our digital content calendar

How to use this calendar

To make it easy to use the calendar is available in a range of formats.

1. View the embeded calendar

Scroll through the embeded calendar above for notable dates and click on each to find useful notes and links.

2. Download the printable calendar

Sometimes, it's helpful to print out, make notes and put up somewhere visible. Download the first six months as PDF, complete with dates and space to plan.

Download January to June 2021

3. Sync with your own calendar

Follow the instructions below to sync this calendar with your own digital calendar.

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For quick inspiration, each months dates and ideas are included here below.


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