The ‘Covid Months’ have been tumultuous for us all, for congregations and for dioceses. It has been and indeed continues to be a time of great challenges but also of opportunities as churches develop new online links and renew their serving of the local community. It is likely that at some time during 2021 there will be a period of gradually coming out of lockdown, of re-assembly. Many of our congregations may well be smaller but we will have lots of online and local community contacts. This then, can be a time of finding new pathways into growth.

Over the last few months ‘Leading your Church into Growth’ (LyCiG) has been preparing for this re-emergence.

In order to share more of what we are about there is a planned webinar on Monday 1st February 2021, 1400 to 1500 and Tuesday 16th of March 2021, 14.00 to 15.00

Dioceses  are invited to send a Bishop, or a member of their senior staff, their missioner (or equivalent) and perhaps someone involved in education and training to come along. We think you will find this online event very helpful with lots of creativity, ideas and hope abounding. (

To book for the 1st February date email: [email protected]

To book for the 16th March date email: [email protected]

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