We support the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York in their responsibilities for selecting and appointing clergy to senior posts in the Church, and for providing them with continuous learning and development opportunities.
The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York Designate together in December 2019

Our work supports the Crown Nominations Commission in identifying new Diocesan Bishops; those involved in appointing Suffragan Bishops; and the selection panels who nominate new cathedral Deans.

Our work is overseen by the Development and Appointments Group, a House of Bishops subcommittee.

  • We coordinate and administer the processes for making senior appointments.
  • Advise on names to be considered for senior posts.
  • Identify priests with potential for wider leadership responsibilities.
  • Monitor and report to General Synod on diversity monitoring in senior appointments.

Synod requires appointments to senior posts to be monitored for diversity. Each diocese is required to collect and provide this information for Archdeacons and Residentiary Canons. Diversity data is tracked online.


Senior leadership learning and development

  • Our programmes provide leadership development and ministerial development for bishops 
  • We design continuous professional development for cathedral deans
  • We run comprehensive induction sessions for new bishops and deans 
  • One of our key initiatives is the Strategic Leadership Development Programme

Prayer for the Day

Saturday, 20 August 2022

Gracious Father,
revive your Church in our day,
and make her holy, strong and faithful,
for your glory’s sake
in Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Ninth Sunday after Trinity
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Crown Nominations Commission

The Crown Nominations Commission (CNC) considers vacancies for Diocesan Bishops in the Provinces of Canterbury and York and candidates for appointments to them.

Each meeting is chaired by the Archbishop of Canterbury (Southern Province) or the Archbishop of York (Northern Province).

The Commission identifies two candidates suitable for appointment, whose names are submitted to the Prime Minister by the appropriate Archbishop or, in the case of the Archbishopric of Canterbury or York, by the chair of the Commission.

The names submitted are given in an order of preference decided upon by the Commission and the Prime Minister will submit the first name to Her Majesty The Queen for approval.



Members of the CNC

Theological review of the CNC

In 2016 the Archbishops of Canterbury and York commissioned a theological review of the CNC's work. The review is currently underway. The panel's interim presentation and report are available to read. 


Development and Appointments Group

This is a subcommittee of the House of Bishops, which has strategic oversight of the processes and initiatives used in senior clergy appointments and vocational development.



Members of DAG

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Suffragan Bishop

Full-time assistant bishop in a diocese – takes their title from a place in the diocese. Also known as an Area Bishop.

House of Bishops

A body made up of all Diocesan bishops ( as well as The Bishop of Dover who performs many of the Archbishop of Canterbury's diocesan functions); the Bishop to the Forces; seven suffragan bishops elected from among the total number of suffragan bishops and 8 regional representatives elected by and from senior women clergy.


Area of the Church under the authority of an archbishop – consisting of a number of dioceses. Hence ‘Province of Canterbury’ (Southern Province), ‘Province of York’ (Northern Province).

Source URL: https://www.churchofengland.org/resources/diocesan-resources/archbishops-advisers-appointments-and-development