My amazing journey

The amazing journey of discovering faith will have lots of special times to remember. Find out here some of the key moments that you can look forward to over the next few months and years.

There will be lots of special moments as your child discovers more about their Christian journey. You will probably already have a photo album or a scrap book about the christening.  Looking at it together  will help you all remember what a wonderful day it was for everyone and will be a precious keepsake for the future. Here are  some ideas for some milestones to record in the first few months and years after the baptism:

  • I was baptized at my christening on… remember the time and place
  • My godparents are…  include their names, photos and something about how they are part of your family’s story
  • My special gifts were…  don’t forget the candle you were given at the baptism!
  • The first time we prayed together was…   it might be from a special book or simply  time together at the end of the day
  • My first visit to church was…  you might have photos from a toddler group, Messy Church or a the nativity play
  • My favourite song from church or church group is…   if you can remember all the words include them too
  • When my godparents came to visit we…  whatever you did, whether it was playing at home or a great day out, record the moment
  • My first question about God was…  wondering about God and asking questions is great
  • My first Bible story was…  add a drawing of your own to help you remember
  • There will be lots more to record on your amazing journey of faith.

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