The Revd Dr Richard Sudworth, the Church of England’s National Inter-Religious Affairs Adviser, said:

“The Maundy Thursday video and text has been withdrawn because of the perceived association of the readings and actions with a Jewish seder meal.

“The brief prayers and actions are not, and were not intended to be a Christianised seder, as the text pointed out. Nor was this intended to replace the celebration of face-to-face Eucharist, that we long for so much. Rather, this was an offering to families to be able to pray and interact, across the generations.

“The prayers and readings were offered to help families be mindful of the events of the original Last Supper, and the framing context of the feast of the Passover to Jesus and the disciples, connecting with our Christian Bible texts for this day.

“However, we do not wish to encourage an impression that was not intended by the resource and apologise for any offence caused.

“As we prepare for Easter, we would like to offer our greetings to everyone in the Jewish community as they celebrate Passover.”

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