The third meeting for 2021 of the LLF Next Steps Group was held on 25 March remotely via Zoom.

In line with its commitment to do the LLF course together, the group spent the first part of the meeting engaging with Session 2, Identity.

The group received an update which included information about the appointment of a total of 66 LLF Advocates in 41 dioceses; taster events held or planned for 29 dioceses; and the roll out of courses for training LLF facilitation trainers.

This was followed by a discussion of the process of ‘Listening to the Whole Church’, which comprises three different ways for people who have engaged with the LLF resources to offer feedback. There was confirmation that the first of these, a survey for participants in the LLF course, is now live online and can be found on the LLF Learning Hub.

The group then discussed the future timeline of the LLF project, taking into account the situation as the country comes out of Covid. The group agreed that feedback from individuals and groups will be received until the beginning of 2022.

The group heard about further developments in the important work around engagement with young people, including the initiatives being undertaken by LLF Advocates and it was suggested that further specific research on young people may be required in the future. 

The group considered LLF members’ involvement in the different workstreams, including further work on the design of the discernment process for the House of Bishops. The Next Steps Group agreed that the work on ecclesiology will feed into the design of the process.

The importance of the role of LLF Advocates was reiterated and it was confirmed that the Pastoral Principles Course will be available from April.

The meeting closed in prayer.

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