Proposals for pastoral reorganisation affecting the benefice of Bowness on Solway in the Diocese of Carlisle. 

The draft Scheme provides for the transferring the parish of Bowness to the benefice of the Barony of Burgh; dissolving the parish of Newton Arlosh, Saint John and the parish of Kirkbride, and transferring their respective areas to the parish of the Solway Plain; dissolving the benefice of Bowness-on-Solway, Kirkbride and Newton Arlosh; and the disposal of the parsonage house of the benefice of Bowness-on-Solway, Kirkbride and Newton.

This consultation expires Monday 19th July 2021

Anyone may make representations (formal comments) for or against the draft scheme.

In order to be considered by the Commissioners, comments must be submitted in writing, either by post or electronically. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Email us using the form below, using "I would like to make a Representation". 
  2. Write to: Katie Lowe, Pastoral Division, Church Commissioners, Great Smith St, London, SW1P 3AZ
  3. Covid-19 Update

    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, like many others we at the Church of England Pastoral and Closed Churches Department have transitioned to remote working. 

    As such, we ask that you please note the following:

    - Please send all correspondence electronically rather than via postal services to Church House Westminster, as we will not be there to receive post.

    - Our phones have been diverted or are being checked occasionally  - e-mail will be a safer means of direct contact.

    - We appreciate your patience during this time when we are working remotely.

Any representations must be received not later than 19th July 2021. Any representation should include your reasons for your comments.

All correspondence received by the Commissioners will be treated as public correspondence.

If you have any queries about this draft scheme, please contact us using the form below using "I have a query about a draft scheme". 

To find out more, please read our leaflet "Your Views Count"

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