Each conversation is connected to a room of a house, because these spaces help illustrate the journey you will go on with young adults. It does three things:

1.  Gives a broad overview of the dramatic cultural changes that have impacted this generation and the implications for evangelism and discipleship in church life

2.  Provides the defining questions to help you consider what might help you be more effective in this area of ministry and invites you to discuss these as a leadership team

3.  Tells stories and gives examples through case studies of ideas and innovations that we hope inspire you to think about your own context and practices.
To access these free resources click here:  https://www.eauk.org/what-we-do/initiatives/the-young-adults-conversation/7-conversations

Source URL: https://www.churchofengland.org/about/evangelism-and-discipleship/mission-network-news/7-conversations