Discovering our calling is a voyage, but Christians often have a niggling feeling that God has plans for them, or they have a strong pull towards a particular kind of work, or ministry. If you think God might be calling you to mission that includes establishing new Christian communities, or fresh expressions, prayerfully consider if any of these signs apply to you.

(a) You feel dissatisfied.

You suspect there’s more to life

  • You long for your faith to link better to everyday experience
  • You wish you could do more to make the world a better place
  • The church is not connecting with your friends
  • You are looking for new opportunities to show God’s love.

Discontent can be God spurring you on!

(b) You know someone else who feels the same.

Often it is hard to soldier on alone. But the unexpected becomes possible when two or three people band together. That’s why Jesus sent his apprentices out in pairs (Luke 10.1).

(c) You have a passion for a group of people whose lives you’d love to enrich.

Most new Christian communities are started among people the founders already know.
What possibilities come to mind? (The more specific the group the better.)

  • People you rarely notice?
  • Your neighbourhood?
  • Friends?
  • Others who share your passion?
  • People among whom you volunteer?
  • People who break your heart?
  • Your workplace?

(d) Others confirm you are onto something

(e) You feel energised by the possibility

(f) The idea will not leave your head

Don’t be discouraged if all these (and other) signs are not present now. God’s call feels different for different people and grows over time.

Who might help you navigate your voyage of discovering God’s call?

  • Could you chat to a trusted Christian from time to time?
  • Can you speak to someone who has already started a new Christian community?
  • Should you speak to your church leader?

Have a read about Greenhouse and see whether this approach appeals to you.

If reading that page gets you excited inside, get in touch with your nearest Greenhouse Facilitator who can offer more guidance on starting a Team and getting the seeds of your ideas to geminate and grow.

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