Finding and following God in daily life can be both challenging and a great opportunity.
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Everyday Faith offers bitesize, yet in-depth, resources on topics relevant to you, that will help you help find and follow God in everyday life.

These resources will inspire, equip and encourage you in your everyday faith, whoever you are and wherever this is.

Reflections, prayers and guidance to encourage your everyday faith

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"Everyday Faith encourages me to focus on God during my activities through the day"

"I feel more grounded and secure in my prayer life"

"I look forward to the arrival of the material - it challenges me to think and not just 'do'!"

"This would help me disciple others (in fact it already has!)"

  • Digital journeys of reflection, prayer and guidance that will inspire, equip and encourage you in your everyday faith
  • Practical, purposeful tools to help find and follow God in everyday life delivered to your inbox or phone
  • Take on your own and share with your friends, family and faith community.

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