The Church of England Pensions Board, with the UN Environment Programme and the Council on Ethics of the Swedish National Pension Funds announced today a multi-stakeholder advisory panel to support the foundation of the Global Tailings Management Institute. The international advisory panel comprising leading figures in tailings management, civil society, industry, finance and academia will guide the development of the Institute, working alongside UNEP.

The Institute will support the adoption of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (2020), oversee adherence to and independent verification of the adoption of the Standard. The Institute is also intended to become a knowledge hub for tailings management.

Commenting on the formation of the Panel, Adam Matthews, Chief Responsible Investment Officer of the Church of England Pensions Board and Principles for Responsible Investment Co-Convenor of the Tailings Standard said: 
"The formation of a Global Tailings Management Institute is a vital piece of the architecture that needs to be put in place to bring the Global Tailing Standard to life. In order for the Institute to carry the confidence of many stakeholders, it is essential we are informed by a wide range of perspectives and insights. We are grateful to those that have been willing to offer their time and wisdom to support this important endeavor."

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