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Target 2030

Net zero consultation

In February 2020, General Synod voted to set a target for the whole Church of England of achieving ‘net-zero’ carbon by 2030. A Routemap for how the Church can achieve this has been drafted to invite conversation and consultation. Your response to this will help shape the actions the Church of England will commit to take this decade.

Who can respond?

Everyone can respond. This consultation is primarily aimed at national Church bodies, diocesan structures (including DBFs and DBEs), and cathedrals. This is because it is about how the central and diocesan structures can plan for and support parishes and schools in achieving net zero by 2030, as well as tackling their own buildings, landholdings and work transport. 

However, the views of others are vital to achieving the overall goal. Responses from parishes, schools, and individuals are welcome. All respondents will be asked to specify in which capacity they are responding.

How to complete this consultation:

1. Read the key documents:

2. Respond to the consultation survey:

The question in the survey are listed in Appendix 1 of the Routemap, to help you prepare. The survey allows you to skip sections which are not relevant to you.

The consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 28 February 2022. 

Find out more and ask questions before completing

If you are holding meetings to discuss the Routemap, officers from the Environment Programme team and/or Net Zero Carbon Sub-committee members are very happy to attend.

Please email Denise Rowley to arrange this.

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