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“As a parish vicar, I don’t need to go out looking for housing need, it comes to me. surely can’t be right that I lock the door of a sound, safe, heated building on someone huddled in a sleeping bag outside?
What does that say about Isaiah’s words in chapter 58 vs 7 to ‘share food with the hungry and give shelter to the homeless’?"

Lynne Cullens, Rector of Stockport and Brinnington and a member of the Commission
What you can do, Your response to local housing need

We have partnered with Housing Justice to release these resources, to empower churches to respond to the local housing need of their area. 

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Resources for Dioceses

The Good Steward Mapping Tool: The Archbishops' Commission has partnered with Knight Frank and Eido Research who have completed the first-ever digital mapping of all Church of England land and created a tool to aggregate social impact within each diocese.

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