“Church is a family, it’s where good friends are and there are always people to help you,” says Steve, treasurer at St Mary’s the Virgin, Broughton Astley.
Man standing outside a church

Steve has been a member of St Mary’s the Virgin for 32 years and the church has played a significant role in his life. It was where his children were baptised and where he had his second marriage. Steve has played an active part in church life, before he was treasurer he was a churchwarden and has managed the church’s website for 20 years. He is also a bellringer.

Whilst Steve has been attending St Mary’s the Virgin for over three decades, that’s a small amount in the life of the church. Christians have worshipped at the church for 900 years and four of the bells date back to 1637. However as treasurer Steve is well aware of the cost of maintaining an old church building.

Collection income disappeared during the COVID-19 pandemic and the church recently had to pay £80,000 on repairs. Furthermore they will need to spend £200,000 to replace the roof in two year’s time.

Steve read that most charities receive a third of their income from legacies whereas St Mary’s has only received one legacy during his time as treasurer.

“Leaving a legacy is a wonderful way to make a lasting gift to God and ensure that the church survives for future generations,” he says.

Steve made the decision to leave a legacy to St Mary’s the Virgin. On his decision he said, “I would like to contribute financially but it can be difficult to contribute when you’re alive. You’re not sure what costs you’re going to encounter when you’re alive but you can’t take it with you when you’re dead.”

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