Living in Love and Faith resources for Diocesan Synod meetings in early 2022

The Group was updated on proposed resources to be offered to Diocesan Synods for their meetings in 2022 and agreed that, subject to the suggestions made, they should be sent to all dioceses.

Living in Love and Faith at General Synod – February 2022

LLF plans at General Synod are to encourage engagement with the Pastoral Principles. As Synod members are also being asked to engage with the ‘Difference Course’, the Group agreed that raising awareness of both courses as resources that have the potential to transform the culture of the Church’s engagement with challenging questions in the context of difference and diversity.

Living in Love and Faith – Creative elements

The group received and discussed a report of the work that has been done so far in relation to capturing the LLF process and feedback in a creative form.

Government Consultation on Conversion Therapy

It was noted that the Government had extended the Consultation period. Separately from the consultation – to which the Church has already responded – it was agreed to ask the Faith and Order Commission to produce a theological reflection on prayer and coercion.

Planning for the publication of the findings from church-wide engagement with LLF

The group considered how to engage with the team who will be gathering the feedback from the questionnaire, the focus groups and creative responses at the end of April, and the analysis and publication of the findings by the beginning of September.

Gender identity and transition

A group of Next Steps members had met with a group of trans people. In the light of this discussion, the group has agreed to work with trans people to produce resources about good practice in the pastoral care of trans and gender fluid people. It also agreed to add further resources to the LLF online library.

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