Women of Holy Week is a series of nine stories about nine different, but interlinked, women written by Paula Gooder, originally as Holy Week, Easter and Ascension Day reflections for Southwark Cathedral in 2021.

Starting with Palm Sunday and finishing with Ascension Day, these nine stories imagine what it might have been like to accompany Jesus in this final week of his life from the perspective of nine women. Some of them we know with certainty were there because the Gospels tell us they were: the widow with two coins, the woman with the ointment of pure nard, Mary wife of Clopas, Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of Jesus. Some are not mentioned at all, but someone like them was probably present: a woman journeying to Jerusalem for the Passover, the wife of a scribe, and a female disciple at the Last Supper. The stories also aim to travel from the outside in: from people who had the most fleeting encounters with Jesus at the start of the week to his most devoted followers at the end.  

Explore the content below and find out more about the Women of Holy Week book and Kindle e-book, published by Church House Publishing, which features accompanying readings, questions and notes in addition to the nine stories by Paula and artwork by Ally Barrett.

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Women of Holy Week podcast

Daily episodes featuring the nine stories from Palm Sunday (10 April) to Easter Monday (18 April).

You will find each of the nine stories in podcast format below. There is also full introduction to the stories by Paula Gooder here.

The First Woman

Miriam's Story

Artwork of procession walking into Jerusalem with Palms
The Second Woman

Sarah's Story

Artwork of a woman and man sitting on the floor with Palms and food by their side, looking out a window across a view of Jerusalem.
The Third Woman

Anna's Story

Artwork of a women in a temple dropping two coins into a jar as two men look on.
The Fourth Woman

Susannah's Story

Artwork of a woman, Susannah, pouring a jar of pure nard over Jesus.
The Fifth Woman

Joanna's Story

Artwork of Jesus and his disciples sitting in a circle at night, with a cup of wine and a bowl containing some bread.
The Sixth Woman

Salome's Story

Artwork of three women and a man from behind looking at Jesus' tomb.
The Seventh Woman

Mary Magdalene's Story

Artwork of Mary Magdalene meeting Jesus outside of his tomb.
The Eighth Woman

Mary, Wife of Clopas' Story

Artwork of Mary and Clopas sharing food by the side of the road under a palm tree.
The Ninth Woman

Mary, Mother of Jesus' Story

Artwork of Mary, mother of Jesus, surrounded by the disciples and followers of Jesus.

Images from the Women of Holy Week are copyright (c) 2022 Ally Barrett. Reproduced with permission.

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