Here are some practical examples of what churches around the country have done to cut their energy use and work towards "net zero carbon". 

If you know about a project which can be included within these examples, and you are proud of what you've achieved locally and think others could learn from it, please contact us at [email protected].

Use the Text Search to narrow the results that appear. You can use topic terms such as 'Solar' or 'Electric Heating', building types, resource types, listing statuses and dioceses, based on the Keywords associated with each case study.

  1. A halo chandelier

    Radiant Heating Trial, St Matthew’s, Bristol

    Keywords; Net-zero Carbon, Radiant Heating, Halo Chandelier, Grade II-listed Building, Diocese of Bristol, Parish Church, Written Case Study

  2. Austwick Church of the Epiphany from the road

    A biomass boiler almost halves the energy bills of a village church

    Keywords; Net-zero Carbon, Biomass, Grade II-listed Building, Diocese of Leeds, Parish Church, National Park, Written Case Study

  3. Bowling St Stephen from the front

    A biomass boiler warming the heart of an urban community

    Keywords; Net-zero Carbon, Biomass, Diocese of Leeds, Grade II-listed building, Parish Church, Written Case Study

  4. Scalford St Egelwin church from the ground

    A large, listed church is heated efficiently by an air source heat pump

    Keywords; Net-zero Carbon, Heat Pump, Grade II*-listed Building, Diocese of Leicester, Parish Church, Written Case Study

  5. Interior of Croxteth Park church

    A low cost Gold Eco Church and community garden, at St Cuthbert's Croxteth Park

    Keywords; Eco Church, Community Engagement, Diocese of Liverpool, Parish Church, Written Case Study, Video, Discussion Questions

  6. Bishop Hannington Memorial Church from outside the front

    A new and efficient lighting scheme for a modern church in Hove

    Keywords; Net-zero Carbon, Energy Efficiency, Lighting, Grade II-listed Building, Diocese of Chichester, Parish Church, Written Case Study

  7. Photograph of Brent Tor St Michael's in landscape

    A remote church functions off-grid with new solar PV panels and LED lighting

    Keywords; Net-zero Carbon, Solar Panels, Grade I-listed Building, Diocese of Exeter, Parish Church, Written Case Study

  8. Severn Stoke St Denys surrounded by its flooded churchyard

    Adjusting a church building to regular floods

    Keywords; Written Case Study, Diocese of Worcester, Parish Church, Grade II*-listed Building, Climate Resilience, Flooding

  9. Exterior photograph of Mottingham St Edward and hall

    Adjusting to subsidence, as part of a major reordering

    Keywords; Climate Resilience, Subsidence, Diocese of Southwark, Parish Church, Written Case Study

  10. Ashford St Mary

    Ashford St Mary take a new heating approach

    Keywords; Net-zero Carbon, Heat Pump, Underfloor Heating, Grade I-listed Building, Diocese of Canterbury, Major Parish Church, Written Case Study

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