This World Mental Health Day, Christ Church in Surbiton is among a number of churches delivering a free, six-week, online mental health course to support adults living with mild to moderate depression and anxiety; and those who care for them. 

Hope in Depression is a registered charity and has been running courses through churches since 2013. People attending the course explore the causes and symptoms of depression and anxiety, learn about brain chemistry and medication, hear about counselling and discover ways that have been clinically shown to aid recovery and continued wellbeing. 

Christ Church’s course leader Denise Morris has run the online course twice a year since 2019. She says, “Hope in Depression is suitable for adults of all ages – we’ve had 18-year-olds and 80 year-olds on the course and men and women of all ages in between.  Many people who have done the course have reported improvements in their mood and ability to cope day to day. It really can help make a difference.”

The course has received positive feedback from attendees who highlight the relaxed, safe and caring environment.

As one explains: 'Meeting others, knowing there are so many of us who experience depression - knowing I'm not alone. It's so very important that this course is available to as many people as possible.'

Christ Church’s first course was held in person in 2019 before moving online during Covid, where it reached scores of people struggling with their mental health during lockdown. 

John Shepherd, Vicar at Christ Church, (pictured, above) describes the impact of the course, saying, “We are delighted that the Hope in Depression course has been a rich source of blessing to so many both within and beyond Christ Church.  

"I remember well meeting two participants the day after their first session with warm smiles who both spoke so positively of the great freedom of being able to share, and be heard, and to know that they weren’t alone in their tough experiences of depression.”
The Church has now become a Be Well Hub, working with campaigning organisation Citizens UK and local NHS Trusts to provide a range of practical support and mental health resources for the local community.

To find out more visit Christ Church’s Be Well Hub

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