A vision and strategy for the Church of England in the 2020s

The Church of England’s vocation is and always has been to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ afresh in each generation to the people of England. The vision and strategy is an invitation to dioceses and parishes to examine and develop existing strategies and processes in the light of these ideas.

“The overriding aim for the future is that any worshipping member of the Church of England, when asked by their friend where they could go to explore their faith, would be able to recommend an expression of Church locally that would really suit them.”
Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York

One vision

A Church for the whole nation which is Jesus Christ centred, and shaped by, the five marks of mission. A church that is simpler,
humbler, bolder


Three priorities

  • To become a church of missionary disciples where all God’s people are free to live the Christian life, wherever we spend our time Sunday to Saturday.
  • To be a church where mixed ecology is the norm* – where every person in England has access to an enriching and compelling community of faith by adding new churches and new forms of Church to our parishes, cathedrals, schools and chaplaincies.
  • To be a church that is younger and more diverse. 

*the mixed ecology describes the flourishing of church and ministry in our parishes, and in other communities of faith through things like church planting, fresh expressions of church, and chaplaincy and online.


Six bold outcomes

From the three strategic priorities we have identified six bold outcomes.

A church for everyone through: 

  • Doubling the number of children and young active disciples in the Church of England by 2030. 
  • A Church of England which fully represents the communities we serve in age and diversity.

A pathway for everyone into an accessible and contextual expression of church through:

  • A parish system revitalised for mission so churches can reach and serve everyone in their community.
  • Creating ten thousand new Christian communities across the four areas of home, work/education, social and digital. 

Empowered by:

  • All Christians in the Church of England envisioned, resourced and released to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in the whole of life, bringing transformation to the church and world.
  • All local churches, supported by their diocese, becoming communities and hubs for initial and ongoing formation.

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