Almost three quarters of parents feel blamed, 78% feel guilty and 53% feel humiliated, so it’s incredibly important that they feel supported when they open up to a professional about their situation.​ It is estimated around 3% of UK households are impacted by Child to Parent Abuse, although the true figure could be much higher.​

Of working parents, 70% had to reduce their hours or leave altogether because of the abuse they were experiencing.​

8% of the families supported by Parental Education Growth Support have an adult offspring (18+) who is displaying the abusive behaviours, while around a quarter say their child was five or under when the behaviours began.​

62% of parents are physically attacked at least once a week, and 91% are verbally attacked at least once a week, with other behaviours including financial, coercive, sexual and digital abuse.

Donna’s experience is captured in today’s video to help raise awareness of Child to Parent Abuse.

Support for those impacted by Child to Parent Abuse

Parental Education Growth Support (PEGS) is a social enterprise committed to supporting parents, carers and guardians impacted by Child to Parent Abuse, whether the abuse is physical, emotional, psychological, verbal, sexual or financial.

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