Bishop Joanne Grenfell, the Church of England’s lead safeguarding bishop said: “The Independent Safeguarding Board (ISB) was set up to provide important external scrutiny for the Church's safeguarding work and it is vital that the right structures are in place to do this.  

We look forward to working with them as they begin the next phase of their work to scope out what these structures are and to having conversations about concerns they have raised including from the survivors and victims who have come forward to the ISB to share their experiences. We are committed to hearing their voice. An acting chair was put in place until the end of the year to ensure continuity and I look forward to working with all three Board members.

We thank Jasvinder Sanghera and Steve Reeves for the annual report published today and note their comments around their work to date and desire to continue with this independent scrutiny of the Church’s safeguarding.  It is vital that we have independent scrutiny as this informs the core responsibility for all in the Church of ensuring good safeguarding in all our parishes and settings across the country. This important work goes on every day of the year."

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