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Supporting Volunteers

The Volunteer Journey

Supporting volunteers throughout their volunteer journey is likely to result in them being happier in their roles and staying longer. 

Take a look at this helpful guide on the Volunteer Journey, which highlights the importance of supporting and thanking volunteers.

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Offering training to volunteers is a great way to invest in them and support them.

Training Resources: Top 5 Starting Points

To support volunteers well, we need to ensure they have the opportunities to grow and develop in their roles. But where can you access good training for volunteers working with children and young people? Here are five great places to start:

  1. Check with your diocese: Many dioceses have training courses available for those starting out in this ministry. Some are free, and some need to be paid for. Ensure you are aware what safeguarding training each volunteer will need to complete. 
  2. For children’s work: If your diocese doesn't have any training for new and developing children’s workers, here is a list of great places to access training. 
  3. For work with young people: If your diocese doesn't have any training for new and developing youth workers, you might want to look at:  Youthscape Essentials and Missional Youth Church Network : Explore Resource (this resource is free to download and use once you have filled in a contact form.)
  4. For creating great teams: Helping your volunteers to work well together is vital. Take a look at this short film to learn about one model for creating a great team.
  5. For developing young leaders: If you are hoping to grow young leaders then you might want to take a look at the book Growing Young Leaders and the AYLA Free Resources.

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