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Global migration is one of the biggest issues of our time. It is important for our church, and so is every individual who is caught up in the rapidly-changing movements of people around the world.

As in other aspects of social policy, we pray for everyone to be treated in a way that is both fair and compassionate. That includes, especially, the millions who have been forcibly displaced from their homes.

Those seeking asylum – find resources here to help you work out what to do and what to think about asylum seekers.

Refugees – how in practice can church communities, in partnership with others in their locality, make a positive difference?

Immigration – how should Christians approach this thorny subject?

The Illegal Migration Bill – how can churches respond?

It’s vital we act on the biblical imperative to welcome the stranger, especially during a time when there’s so much hate and toxic conversation about asylum seekers and refugees. The church can and should make a difference.

What will your next step be?

2. Learn and share the realities of migration, the Illegal Migration Bill, and myth-busting
3. Act: Welcome and support people locally
4. Act: Advocate and campaign for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees

Community sponsorship

Community sponsorship is a new initiative by the Church of England designed to support local churches resettling refugees in partnership with the Home Office.

This initiative will build on the positive work since the 2015 General Synod which agreed a motion urging “parishes and dioceses to work closely with local authorities and other community partners, to provide practical and sustainable resources and structures for the resettlement of vulnerable refugees and to pray for all those seeking to address the causes as well as the symptoms of this crisis”.

Since then dozens of parishes have taken part in community sponsorship and welcoming families from Syria with at least 20 serving as lead sponsor.

Domenica Pecoraro is the Church's National Representative for Community Sponsorship. Domenica works with a steering group chaired by the Bishop of Bradwell, Dr John Perumbalath, who also chairs the inter-denominational Churches' Refugee Network, and is supported by staff from Church of England’s national Mission and Public Affairs team.

Domenica and the steering group are tasked with working collectively to support churches working with refugees, to expand on the work achieved since 2015 and to work collaboratively with partners across the Church and society.

For further information, contact our national representative at [email protected].

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