Everyday Faith for leaders

Setting God's People Free connects work across the National Church Institutions (NCIs) and dioceses to enable ministry for an everyday and growing faith.


Setting God’s People Free (SGPF) is based on the 2017 General Synod report of the same name. It intends to change behaviours, alter structures and activate leadership, both lay and clergy, to enable the whole people of God to live out the Good News of Jesus confidently in all of life, Sunday to Saturday.

Four priority areas that are used to guide this work as it is implemented in different places and contexts. These include increased numbers of leaders who influence; sharing processes and practices; building national and local networks; and more digital and print resources.

All of these are dependent on the network of people who gather to animate and implement these activities in their homes, workplaces, worshipping communities, dioceses and networks.

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Disciple Enabler Network

The Disciple Enabler Network (DEN) supports leaders who are stimulating and sustaining the culture change of SGPF. The aim of the network is to share and develop approaches to ministry beyond and outside Church structures, to nourish, illuminate and connect what is already working in parishes and communities of faith, and to test mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the impact of work to enable discipleship in everyday life.

The DEN has national, local and sector groupings. For further details on activities in your area please contact the SGPF team. You can also sign up for the Inspiring Everyday Faith mailing here (you may need to scroll down).


Partner organisations

We have paired with a number of organisations that we know to be effectively working to enable local worshipping communities to engage in deep and sustained change and which have a record of helping to grow disciples across the Church. Our vision is to work towards having 10,000 worshipping communities engaged in some form of accompanied change by 2025.