Everyday stories

  1. Woman sitting in front of a laptop and smiling with floral wallpaper behind

    Being a Christian where you are


    Joy's calling is both to teaching and to ministry

    2 min read
  2. Man holding a brown and white dog and smiling

    More to life than work


    Chris has two callings: a vet during the week, he is also training for ministry

    2 min read
  3. Man holding two lambs in a field with lots of other sheep

    Faith in farming


    Rob, a farmer, shares how his faith has sustained him through a difficult period

    2 min read
  4. Woman working from home on a computer

    Voice of calm


    Jacqui works in customer service for the council and finds support for her work through Jesus when helping people

    2 min read
  5. Man wearing a gray suit and sitting in a chair

    Business as a force for good


    Samuel shares how Christian business leaders can be a force for good

    2 min read
  6. Woman working at a computer from home

    Finding common ground


    Cate shares how her work in air traffic control has changed over the past year and how she finds support from God

    2 min read
  7. Woman in pink t-shirt with blue lanyard

    God is with us


    The Fundraising and Communications Officer at Global Care shares her story as part of peace in the world

    2 min read
  8. Woman standing outside in a grassy field with three sheep in the background

    Peace can be found


    The Lead Manager at the Ammerdown Conference and Retreat Centre shares her story as part of peace in the world

    2 min read
  9. Chaplain standing outside a blue prison door

    Bringing hope and comfort


    The Managing Chaplain at HMP Onley shares his story as part of #ChristianUnity

    2 min read
  10. Chaplain standing by a whiteboard in a council office

    Providing a listening ear

    Christians of three denominations share in a workplace fellowship group