Called to help


Mark shares why he became a GP and his experiences as a GP during COVID-19.

I’m a GP in Gateshead. We have one of the highest rates of Covid nationally, which builds on it being an area of ill health. I’m reminded of Mark 2.16 where Jesus says that people who are well don’t need a doctor.

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My father was a GP and I felt called to follow that path, going and serving people in an area where there’s huge need. There are high levels of unemployment and people use alcohol, smoking and eating to manage their distress. I love Esther 4 and there have been some moments where I’ve realised that I’m here for a reason.

At the very first part of the outbreak, we saw people who had flu-like symptoms. I saw three people in a row with flu-like symptoms, and obviously we had no protection then. I became unwell, so did my whole family, and we had to self-isolate. Having been through that experience, where we don’t know that we’ve had it, but we think that we have, I don’t feel so fearful. I’m more confident to go and help people. I’ve been on the delivery side of working with people with suspected Covid-19 in the community. I want to make sure I roll my sleeves up and deliver that care.

I feel that I have been called to this place at this time. There are moments when I feel God’s presence with me. I feel called to help people who are now thinking about life, death and suffering. It’s been fantastic to answer the questions that they have.

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