God is with us


Anita is the Fundraising and Communications Officer at Global Care. She shares the challenges of her role and the support she and colleagues get from God.

My name is Anita White. I am the Fundraising and Communications Officer at Global Care. I love the variety of the work that I do, and the challenges – even though 2020 and so far 2021 have been the most challenging time for me ever in this role. Most of all, I love that I am making a difference –every penny we raise helps to change the life of a vulnerable child somewhere, giving them a hope and a future. We are saving lives.

Woman in pink t-shirt with blue lanyard

It can be a challenge to come up with new ideas, new ways to fundraise and the limitations of being in a small team. In the last 12 months, of course, it has been the pandemic with the huge challenge of trying to raise money when so many people have lost jobs or been hit with illness and loss.

In every challenge we have faced, God is with us and encouraging us. As a team we have steadfast belief in the work that we are doing, following Jesus’ command that we care for the poor, love them and reach out to them. We devote everything we do to God, and hope we can do his work to the best of our ability.

Pray that we can find new ways to engage with new people – this is really difficult when church buildings are closed. Pray that we can continue to spread the word about the work we do, and that we can keep helping more vulnerable children, and fundraise the money we need to do this.

Can you find #TimeToPray for God’s love to be at the heart of all we do, and for peace in the world?


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