Peace can be found


Christine is Lead Manager at the Ammerdown Conference and Retreat Centre. She shares how God’s love and acceptance is shared with others to facilitate peace.

My name is Christine Clinch. I am the Lead Manager at the Ammerdown Conference and Retreat Centre in Somerset. The centre welcomes people of all Christian denominations and all faiths, providing a safe place for dialogue, conversation and reflection.

Woman standing outside in a grassy field with three sheep in the background

Offering an alternative to hate and fear of those who are different to us, we create opportunities to meet each other, learn about each other and share food together. We have celebrated the Iftar, Sukkot, Pentecost, Holi and Ridvan with our neighbours; we have listened to the story of refugees; and we have had challenging conversations about racism.

It is a great privilege to be in the same room as someone sharing their story. It is wonderful to see people discover their common humanity. It is transforming to hear vulnerable honesty. Peace can be found.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us hard. We have taken to Zoom to continue our story and can’t wait to welcome people again! We want to better connect with others, to alleviate fear of the unknown. We want to go beyond listening to the story to being and doing so that peace can be. The Gospel story of the Good Samaritan lives in my belly! We learn about loving our neighbour from the outsider.

God’s love and acceptance of even me inspires me to share the same love with others. Please would you pray for us as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and that God’s love will be at the heart of all that we do?


Can you find #TimeToPray for God’s love to be at the heart of all we do, and for peace in the world?


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