Voice of calm


Jacqui has a sense of satisfaction from her work in customer services for the council.  

I’ve worked in the customer service department of Ealing Council since 2007. It’s really varied. I can get a phone call about a food bin, then one about an application, or a neighbour making noise. I love the variety. I love the issues that people talk to me about.

Woman working from home on a computer

This job allows me to do something that I like. I love talking to people. I like to listen. I like to help people. People phone up with a problem, and I like to help so that they feel happier at the end. I want them to go away with a sense that something has been done for them. I really do feel that I’m the right place in this job. I have a sense of satisfaction from what I do.

I’m working from home now. Because of the coronavirus we can’t guarantee delivery times. That’s the problem. But some people still expect the service to be the same. I get people on the phone who are angry, but I can calm them down quickly. At work, I can share it, but here, I’m accountable to that person. So, I think I’m handling it better being at home.

I try not to take things personally, but things can sound harsh. But I remember when Jesus was in the boat with his followers how calm he was when the waves and storms arose. There’s a voice inside me that says, ‘Jacqui, be calm’. I know I’m not doing this on my own. He is with me.

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