Changing stories

'Changing stories' is a series showing the impact of faith across the Church of England in the lives of individuals and communities in their everyday lives, in a variety of places and contexts, in new churches and worshipping communities and in ones that have existed for centuries.

  1. Richard is shown in a walking jacket with mist on some country or mountain road clearly shown behind him

    ‘The words came alive’ – the play that changed Richard’s life forever


    Richard Sandland, is being ordained Deacon in Worcester Cathedral on 4 July and will serve in the parish of Bromsgrove, ten years after watching an extraordinary play – that would change his life.  

    2 min read
  2. A man is shown smiling

    ‘Initially I ran in the opposite direction’ – a 30-year journey to ordination.


    Heath Monaghan first felt God calling him to be ordained when he was 13. More than three decades later, he expects to be tearful during the ordination service.

    2 min read
  3. Father Jack (a priest with a dog collar) is shown in his church with the altar below him

    Why hundreds of people are joining the ‘Spiritual Gym’


    Once a week, at 7.40am, children on their way to school, office workers and all kinds of local people attend the Spiritual Gym at Marylebone Church in London.

    2 min read
  4. A man in an orange jumpsuit looks out from the deck of a boat

    ‘When you experience the power of the sea and storms at night it makes you open to something beyond’ – former captain charts new course training for ministry


    Lee Higson recently left his 22-year career at sea to train as an Ordinand with the Diocese of Manchester. 

    2 min read
  5. The TikTok logo is shown on a smartphone

    ‘It was ridiculous!’ How vicar’s TikTok meant for seven teenagers reached 1.7 million


    What began as an amusing way to keep up with seven teenagers in her congregation is now serious outreach for Revd Anne Beverley.

    2 min read
  6. Shalom Youth Project

    ‘It made me believe in myself’ – seed of hope planted five decades ago bears fruit today


    A youth project that has provided support in one of the country’s most deprived areas during the pandemic has marked almost five decades of success. 

    2 min read
  7. Woman sitting in front of a laptop and smiling with floral wallpaper behind

    Being a Christian where you are


    Joy's calling is both to teaching and to ministry

    2 min read
  8. Man holding a brown and white dog and smiling

    More to life than work


    Chris has two callings: a vet during the week, he is also training for ministry

    2 min read
  9. Person standing on a pile of Lego

    The next invitation


    Growing Younger is the Diocese of Birmingham’s initiative to support parishes in their shared commitment to develop a spiritually-enriching children’s and youth ministry in every parish and church school.

    4 min read