All Saint's, Lightwater

All Saints Church Lightwater
The bells of All Saints’ Church Lightwater were rededicated at its Harvest Festival services on October 2013 after being restored using a substantial legacy from two parishioners.

Originally installed in the 1980s, the electronic mechanism of the six church bells had suffered from the weather and had not been rung for the previous two years.

Thanks to a legacy left by parishioners Frank and Hazel Stilwell, all that changed. Vicar the Revd Mark Wallace said: we had a quote for the repairs, which, along with the scaffolding amounted to almost £9,000 which we didn’t feel could be a fundraising priority.

“As we celebrated Harvest, it was great to share the fruit of Frank and Hazel’s labours, and reflect on the difference that being part of God’s people in Lightwater made to them.”

Frank and Hazels legacy rings true

All Saints Church Lightwater


“I’m delighted that we were able to use a legacy to do the work, rather than appealing to hard-pressed local people. Since the bells were repaired, so many people have said how wonderful it is to hear them being rung again." Revd Mark Wallace

Hazel’s brother, Jeffrey Gardiner, said “My sister Hazel and her dear husband Frank loved living in Lightwater. Most of all they loved All Saints’ and its congregation.

“It was always full of generous and loving friends and priests. Their family was also always cherished and welcomed at their church, so what could be more fitting that Hazel and Frank’s bequest being used to make a joyful sound as the newly-restored bells ring out their greetings and remind us of two sorely missed benefactors.” 

Article Credit: Diocese of Guildford 2014