Writing your Will

Everyone knows it’s a good idea to make a will, but for many of us it’s one of those things we never quite get round to doing!

For nearly 500 years the Church of England has encouraged people to make a Will. Without a Will, your loved ones could face a lot of trouble, work and expense after your death. Without a Will, a court could decide how to distribute your goods and who should look after your children or dependents.

Many of us experience life changing events such as getting married, having children, retiring, changes to our financial situation or the loss of a loved one. Making a Will and keeping it updated is the only way to make sure your wishes are carried out after your death, giving you peace of mind that you can continue to support the family, friends and causes you love.

Why every Christian should have a Will

We see ourselves as God’s stewards, entrusted to use His gifts to us, for the good of our family and our Church family.

In thanksgiving, we should also take Will writing seriously – setting our affairs in order and stewarding them wisely to the end of our time on earth and beyond.

Seeking professional advice

We strongly advise you to seek professional advice and to see a solicitor when making or revising your Will. If you need advice finding a local Solicitor, please click here 

You may wish to use a codicil to make an amendment to your existing Will. Click here to download our Codicil Template

You may wish to write a Letter of Wishes to sit alongside your Will. Click here to download our Letter of Wishes Template

A standard Will costs around £199 + VAT and the Solicitor should outline the cost upfront before you visit them. You may find our 'Preparing to visit your Solicitor document helpful.

Download our guidance on Preparing to visit your solicitor

Free and Discount Will Schemes

Wills are legal documents, and as small errors can cause big problems, it’s vital to have someone legally qualified draft it for you. A standard Will costs around £199 + VAT and the Solicitor should outline the cost upfront before you visit them.

The Church of England has partnered with Farewill, the UK’s favourite will writer, to offer a free online will writing service which you can do from the comfort of your home in less than 30 minutes.

Write your will today

Funeral arrangements

You might like to make a separate note of any additional instructions for your executors, family or friends. For example, you may wish to describe your preferred funeral arrangements e.g. your favourite hymns, whether you would like flowers or donations to charity etc.