#FollowTheStar family craft activities

Everyone can join in the daily #FollowTheStar journey thanks to the family craft activities accompanying the daily reflection themes.
The #FollowTheStar logo with Family Activities below.

These have been provided by The Rev Mina Munns – author of this year’s Twelve Days of Christmas Wonder reflections – who runs the Flame Creative Children’s Ministry website.

Each day’s activity starts with a list of what you will need to help you get ready to do these at home, at church or at school.

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Each of our activities is listed below

  1. A line of tea lights in a row with the foreground in focus.

    #FollowTheStar family craft activity - journey spirals


    Our first #FollowTheStar family craft activity - journey spirals.

  2. A line of plastic bottles with different coloured liquids inside each.

    #FollowTheStar family craft activity - wonder bottles


    Our second #FollowTheStar family craft activity - wonder bottles.

  3. The sun shining behind the mist with a tree in the foreground.

    #FollowTheStar family craft activity - sun catchers


    Our third #FollowTheStar family craft activity - sun catchers.

  4. A painting easel with different coloured paint and brushes.

    #FollowTheStar family craft activity - teardrop paintings


    Our fourth #FollowTheStar family craft activity - teardrop paintings.

  5. A river flowing underneath a stone bridge in snow.

    #FollowTheStar family craft activity - painting with nature


    Our fifth #FollowTheStar family craft activity - painting with nature.

  6. The night sky with a large star.

    #FollowTheStar family craft activity - fingerprint stars


    Our sixth #FollowTheStar family craft activity - fingerprint stars.

  7. Coins pilled up.

    #FollowTheStar family craft activity - new start coins


    Our seventh #FollowTheStar family craft activity - new start coins.

  8. Pots of paint as viewed from above.

    #FollowTheStar family craft activity - God with us paintings


    Our eighth #FollowTheStar family craft activity - God with us paintings.

  9. Lots of different coloured marbles scattered across the floor.

    #FollowTheStar family craft activity - marble mazes


    Our ninth #FollowTheStar family craft activity - marble mazes.

  10. A child playing with play dough.

    #FollowTheStar family craft activity - light of the world play dough mat


    Our tenth #FollowTheStar family craft activity - light of the world play dough mat.