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Following Martin Luther and his famous 95 theses, MTAG has produced 95 missional theses for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation on 31st October 2017. Ours are based around the five marks of mission. Each takes the form of a positive statement: 'We believe in a Church that..' They will be tweeted, one a day in a randomised order, from @95missiontheses from 28th July 2017. We want to start LOTS of conversations about the sort of Church we believe in and want to see. You don't have to stick with ours; you can join the discussions or make up some theses of your own. We want to hear about those, too! On 31st October, we're hoping the complete set of missional theses will be posted in all kinds of places from real cathedral doors to virtual ones. This is a great chance to get people together to ask what a 21st century missional Church could be like. A Church that isn't ashamed to proclaim Jesus Christ? A Church that cares about the environment? A Church that really, seriously, engages in social justice? After 31st October MTAG will provide more study resources to enable churches and groups to dig deeper into what the theses are saying. It's going to be exciting, but challenging!

Join the conversation. #webelieve



MTAG has created some  new reources in our Social Engagement and Evangelism series (SEE) - see below, which look at issues arising from the vote to leave the European Union. These resources look at very specific issues, but can be combined with other SEE resources as necessary by cross referencing the themes or mix and matching with prayer and Bible study.

The new resource templates can also be adapted locally and used in part or in whole with other modes of discussion and engagement or in conjunction with other resources, for example some of the resources for the centenary of the First World War will work with Remembrance. Download them from the box on the right.

The resources specific to Brexit are: Starting a Conversation; Speaking and Listening Truth; Working against Racism; Remembrance; and Being 'Nice'. 


MTAG has created new resources to encourage Christians to be more aware of possbilities for social engagement and evangelism in their daily lives.

These resources are provided as templates, which you can add to with stories, pictures, examples of good practice and links to what you're doing locally.

The resources are colour coded: word-based with stories (YELLOW); activity-based with things to do (GREEN); bible-based (BLUE); and spirituality-based (PINK).

Additionally, the resources are thematically coded across the different bases according to the five themes for a new theology of evangelism (see below for more information) and five 'bedrock' virtues which Christian engagement in our society can instil.


MTAG has been looking at a theology of evangelism which asks questions about how evangelistic practice can be activated with God's help in the heart of our contemporary society and who is best placed to take it forward.

A paper on this was part of a booklet offered to the General Synod in November 2015 from the Evangelism Task Group. MTAG's paper is available from the link on the right ->


A theological paper with some resources for thinking about the future of migrants and refugees, beyond the immediate response to the current crisis.

This material is part of the Liberation and Entrapment Project - See below and in the links on the right.



New resource on living with money, credit, debt and decision making. How do we help people struggling with debt?

This resource is part of the Liberation and Entrapment project - see below and in the links on the right.


In addition to the theology paper on Human Trafficking available from the link on the right, MTAG has also produced 16 new resources to enable individual Christians and groups to explore the issues involved. These include:

Word based resources - Introduction and three stories

Information based resources - photos; numbers; charities; indicators of trafficking

Prayer and reflection based resources - Bible; prayers; reflections; safe spaces

Spirituality based resources - where do we stand in relation to human trafficking?

The resources can be read online or there are plain text versions for downloading and use.

Please mix and match and explore, using the links in the box on the right.


There's a lot of material available to commemorate the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, but what about the spirituality of the First World War? How did those experiences affect the way people thought about their faith and about God? We have produced some reflections and prayers with illustrations on this.

These are:Mud, Rats, Lice and Poppies.

Cigarettes; Sons; Daughters; Ghosts

Guns; Wire; Gas; Shrapnel

(See link on right)

These are also available from www.spiritualjourneys.org.uk



Why not journey with the Magi through Advent with our resources: Stars, Travels, Gifts, Meeting Herod and Meeting Jesus.

Each resource has: things to think about, read, pray, do, study of scripture and a spiritual exercise connecting to mission in your local community. (See link on the right)


MTAG has produced reflective prayers for All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day and All Souls Day (see box on the right)

MTAG has also produced reflective resources for the November season, for individual or group use. The Reflections are on:

Remembering the Dead

Facing the Monsters

Becoming a Phoenix

Being at Peace

Christ the King: Endings and Beginnings.

(see link on right for these resources)



MTAG has been looking at the kinds of things in our society which cause people to feel trapped in impossible and sometimes terrible situations and at what Christians can do to help liberate them from these experiences. what mission theological resources can we draw on to understand why these things happen and to understand what we should do in reponse?


Trafficking and Human Slavery (see link on right)

Food Banks (see link on right)

Flooding (see link on right)

Mission and Money (see link on right)

Mission, Migrants and Refugees (see link on right)

Five themes for a New Theology of Evangelism (see link on right)

Social Engagement and Evangelism (see links on right)



MTAG's website for explorers and spiritual seekers, with many resources for clergy. It comes in five sections: Explore (resources for spiritual exploration); Look (news and events, books and other writings); Do (activities for groups); Ask (contact and feedback forms); Dream (creative resources such as poems, prayers, images and questions about films and TV). Check out the free downloadable material at www.spiritualjourneys.org.uk


The Dispossession Project is now live and is available at www.dispossessionproject.org

There are three topics available: the first topic is on mission and ecology and the second on unjust imprisonment. The third is on home and homelessness.


dispossession front page


Each topic has 16 sixteen resources for you to use individually, or in church, in schools, with children or in community groups. The yellow pathway offers resources which are word-based for prople who like discussion or reading; the green pathway offers activity-based resources with pictures, research, things to watch or listen to, and ideas for sharing a meal; the blue pathway offers bible study, prayer and reflection and the pink pathway offers a spirituality based set of resources including confession and self-reflection, following Jesus and transformation. Most groups like to mix and match different ones. It's up to you! For the best experience you need to make sure you go through the first yellow resource which is the invitation to explore and the last pink one which is the exit point.

The new book from MTAG Unreconciled? has now been published and is available from SCM-Canterbury Press or via the CTBI website, price £15.

Unreconciled cover

Who are we?

We are a group of enthusiastic and creative mission theologians and practitioners whose job is to provide the churches with resources to deepen Christian faith and to help Christians share their faith with others. We have publications and resources on Spirituality, Theology, Reconciliation, Evangelism and Mission.

We have a particular interest is in the relationship between the gospel we are called to proclaim and the western culture where we proclaim it. So MTAG publications and resources are relevant to anyone, including spiritual seekers, interested in Christian faith and gospel and culture issues.

Check out our ON STREAM bulletin for current MTAG projects that can help resource you or your church. We also have a website: www.spiritualjourneys.org.uk with a range of content for you to download and use.

The point of contact for MTAG is:

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Dr Anne Richards
National Adviser: mission theology, alternative spiritualities and new religious movements
Mission and Public Affairs
Archbishops' Council of the Church of England
Church House
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MTAG is a partnership between the Church of England's Mission and Public Affairs Division and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI). MTAG's membership reflects its ecumenical nature and brings together people from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England.

MTAG creates links with other groups and agencies involved in mission theology and mission practice, especially in the areas of Gospel in relation to culture. Our current project looks at mission in relation to social justice. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

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