Sometimes you may want to take a more focussed approach to giving and generosity within you church context. A retreat is a great way of doing this with a small group or leadership team and can be done in a wide variety of settings.
Praying in a field Picture: Keith Blundy

Generosity Fika is a half day retreat exploring God’s generosity, generosity around the world and biblical generosity. A series of short films, discussions and exercises enable people to explore God’s generosity towards them and how they can live a more generous life. A short training film is available for facilitators of the Generosity Fika and a facilitator handbook and participant handbook can be downloaded, along with links to the short films that are produced by Generosity Path.  

Journey of Generosity is a one day retreat exploring God’s generosity to us and how we live generous lives in response. It is produced by Generosity Path, and is delivered by trained facilitators. Many dioceses have giving advisors who are trained to deliver these retreats, so please consult your own diocese for further information.