COVID-19 survivor says Daily HOPE line “strengthened me”


Daily HOPE, the free 24-hour worship phoneline launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby on 26 April, has received more than 170,000 calls, totaling more than two million minutes of listen time.
The Daily Hope telephone logo.

One of our callers, Catherine, in her early fifties, has given us permission to share her story. Catherine is an NHS Occupational Therapist in Chesterfield who lives alone, having been widowed 13 years ago.

With the “horrendous” experience of contracting the coronavirus herself, compounded by the shock of learning of the tragic deaths of several of her patients to COVID-19 on her return to work, she shares: “I was feeling that I needed some support” and “then I heard about Daily HOPE.”

Calling DailyHOPE soon “became a daily habit” for Catherine, explaining, it “strengthened me and prepared me for the day ahead” and would “focus my thoughts, even in the worst of my COVID fatigue on something eternal and greater.”

If you know someone, like Catherine, who would benefit from Daily HOPE, it continues to be available 24 hours a day on: 0800 804 8044. Callers hear a greeting from the Archbishop before being able to choose from options including hymns, prayers, reflections and advice on COVID-19. The service continues to be updated with new material – this month, with mental health reflections, voiced by Pam Rhodes.

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