Stories of Kingdom Calling

God calls us as a people, and God calls each one of us. Within the common calling of God’s people, every person has a unique calling. In the Gospels, we see people responding to God’s call in Christ in different ways, as Jesus asks different things of them.

In responding to God’s call and finding our place among God’s people, we accept commitments that mark us in deep and lasting ways. We can refer to acceptance of such life-shaping commitment as a calling, or a vocation, that we receive from God. Vocations can be of different kinds, and we may have more than one at a time.

Below you will find stories of how God called different people to different vocations. 

  1. Headshot of a man with glasses

    Called to help


    Mark shares why he became a GP and his experiences as a GP during COVID-19

  2. Woman sitting outside with trees and bushes in the background

    Care in the community


    Hazel shares how her faith plays an essential role as she offers care to the community