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Human Development

Protecting life - opposing assisted suicide

The Church of England is opposed to any change in the law, or medical practice, to make assisted suicide permissible or acceptable. Suffering, the Church maintains, must be met with compassion, commitment to high-quality services and effective medication.

Capital Punishment

The General Synod last debated capital punishment in 1983 and carried a motion deploring its reintroduction.


In January 2005 the Church of England responded to a Home Office Consultation on Prostitution warning that sexual activity should not be treated as a commodity by decriminalising and regulating prostitution.

Justice issues & Prisons

The Church of England plays an active role in issues relating to the justice system and prisons through its General Synod and relevant submissions to Parliament.


General Synod, the Church of England's Parliament, has supported a number of motions expressing concern and stressing the need to educate and legislate in this area. The Church also has an ethical investment policy

Work-life balance and parental leave

Church of England responses to various Government consultations on the subject

Countering racist politics

Countering far right political parties, extremist groups and racist politics: a guidance note from the Church

The Church in Parliament

The Church of England, as the established church, is represented in Parliament in several ways; through the Lords, the Commons, the Ecclesiastical Committee and the Anglican Chaplain to the Speaker.

Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

The Church of England's initial response to the Law Commission's report on pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements published on the 11th January 2011.

Pilling Report

Pilling Report

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