A Christian presence in every community

Home & Community Affairs

The Church of England seeks to advocate the well being of individuals and communities across the country. When engaging with Home Affairs and Community & Urban Affairs we seek to identify policies, issues, trends and practices on which the Church, acting or speaking as a national body or local congregation, might make a difference.

Home Affairs
The Church is actively involved in issues that affect our society today:
Alcohol and drugs
Work and the economy
Justice issues and prisons
Mental Health
Human Rights
Equality Act 2010
Child Protection and Safeguarding

Community and Urban Affairs
The Church of England maintains a presence in every community through the parish system and through the local church. 
Community ministry and urban mission
Urban affairs
Asylum and immigration
Countering racist politics

The Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns (CMEAC) works to encourage and engage participation from the Church's Black and Minority Ethnic populations at every level and is the primary point of contact for advice and resources regarding ethnic difference and marginalisation, advocacy, and racial justice.

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