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28th July 2016

Hate crime, and bad attitudes seeming to spring up in some places. We're all concerned about what's going on.  You can see a small sample of what local parishes are doing about it, and some information about the issues and national initiatives, in this update called 'Hatebusters and neighbourlovers'.



As a national church the Church of England maintains a presence in every community through the parish system. Our churches are communities of and for the area and the people who live there. That presence enables the church to engage with the lives of our villages, towns and cities in both rich and poor neighbourhoods.

Community Ministry and Urban Mission byker thumb
The Church of England has a fundamental concern about the quality of life in community, and often works alongside other partners (churches, faith groups, the voluntary sector, schools and councils) to seek justice and wellbeing. Through community ministry and urban mission the Church seeks to make real that concern. Read more

CUFlogoChurch Urban Fund
Church Urban Fund was established by the Church of England as a practical response to unmet need and has been active in local communities for more than 30 years. CUF's vision is to see people and communities all over England flourish and enjoy life in its fullness. Read more


Urban Affairscity 2 thumb
The Church's presence and experience of our urban communities raises fundamental questions about urban life and faith. Through a series of high profile reports, and the work of the Urban Bishops' Panel and the Bishop for Urban Life and Faith, the Church puts the experience of urban communities and congregations under the spotlight. Read more


Immigration and Asylum
balloonThe treatment and experience of the many migrants in our society is a particular concern. The Church of England has advocated the rights of asylum seekers, and considered the affects of immigration policy on community wellbeing and those forced to migrate because of  war, persecution, climate change, famine and poverty. Read more

Countering racist politics
est 2 thumb
The Church celebrates human diversity in its own life and that of the wider society. The Church is committed to resisting racism within the lives of communities and congregations. Read more

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